Monday, November 29, 2010

Loose Ends - VERY Loose Ends

To the dear void that I have been neglecting for over two whole years (and perhaps any of my friends who had me on their google reader and by some oversight never deleted despite a prolonged lack of activity),

I'm sorry! I clearly fail as a blogger. I won't even try to make excuses. I think I just couldn't handle the pressure of Keeping up with the Jones' so to speak in the blogging world. I never could figure out how to upload a background or get things to look quite right while everyone else seemed to format with ease!

I even changed the privacy settings so that nobody could access little bloggy. People thought they had been blocked. I would always explain - everybody is blocked - there is no blog. I was embarrassed to share my url in all its nakedness.

So in keeping with my accounting/OCD brain that loves order - I thought I'd wrap this up with a nice orderly little bow.

And by way of new beginnings - Mark (I can't believe Mark and I hadn't even met back when I quit blogging - crazy!) and I will be starting a new blog:

We'd love to see you there.
(Here's to hoping that this new blog with Mark will solve all the blogging problems I had before...)


Amy Lovell said...

So sad for this to come to an end, but SO glad for a new one.

Did you know that YOU are the very reason I have a blog. That's right, before you moved to NY you told me I had to start one, so I did. And well, now i'm obsessed.

love you!

David said...

I look forward to your new blog! Though, it will be sad not to see "Lizzie in the CIty" appear anymore in the reader. I hope you and Mark are having fun!